Kind Communities Alliance


The Southeast Region of Alberta has a collaborative, action-focused response to family violence and bullying which reduces the incidence and impacts of family violence so families are supported to live free of violence.


The Kind Communities Alliance is a collaborative, action-focused leadership coalition committed to enhancing our community’s ability to respond to and prevent family violence and bullying.


Working together to end family violence and bullying in Southeast Alberta.

About KCA

KCA is comprised of people and organizations from across Southeast Alberta who share a passion for our region and the people who make it a great place. Members include health care organizations, government agencies, youth services, women’s shelters, police services, and church groups. Our goal is to bring people and organizations together from across the region. By combining our talents, resources, skills, expertise, and perspective we have the power to make Southeast Alberta the safe, kind, and caring place in which everyone can achieve their dreams.

We welcome new partners to join our cause.
If your organization would like to collaborate with us please contact the KCA Chair.